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Life is complicated. Dance schedules shouldn't be.

Our dance classes deliver quality instruction in less time so our dance families can maximize the time they spend together.

All of the skills. All of the fun! On with your week.

I've been there, mama!

Two young boys gearing up for baseball tournaments inconveniently placed on either side of the state. The third lil man with mandatory practice on our home field. My princess about to plunge off the diving board for the very first time. And my baby girl crawling at the speed of light in a soggy diaper. 

I've worn the dance shoes - all of them!

Spent time floating on cloud 9 after my Best. Solo. Performance. Ever. but my family wasn't there to watch. Felt completely alone, defeated and confused at bombing a college audition like a total noob! Why did I spend 20 hours per week dancing?!

The WYLDFIRE way of dance looks at the BIG picture:

  • Life happens! Every. Dang. Day.
  • Family is EVERYTHING. Period. 
  • Confidence is a weapon!
We arm them with skills that are challenging and help quickly develop confidence.

Your child will feel at home in a loving, nurturing dance environment (no "Dance Moms" type drama here!).

Creativity is a huge part of the experience. And we help your dancer build the courage it takes to step onto the performance stage.
With Wyldfire, your child instantly becomes part of our DANCE FAMILY.
Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Amazing coach!

Not only will they learn the art of dance - they will gain so much more!

Mindi S.

Amanda, Taylor, Jaden & Bella's Mom

If you're looking for dance classes jam-packed with skills but won't send your schedule into a tailspin, YOU'RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!
Wyldfire classes are designed to deliver all the skills that build confident dancers plus "fun factors" to keep them on their toes and unaware of how hard they're working.

We helps busy moms stress less by ensuring that even our most dedicated, advanced team members still have time to eat, get homework done, and sleep every night of the week. Quality over quantity!
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