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You asked. We created. This is where you can become a part of the Wyldfire mission to inspire courage, confidence, and creativity in our community's youth through dance education and performance! Donate to next year's show or toward your favorite dancer's tuition and fees.


Thank you so much - we hope you enjoy this encore performance!

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Wyldfire Dance Studio Rock This Town Showcase 2023 Jerome High School Main Gym !!!THANK YOU FOR A FABULOUS SEASON DANCE FAMILIES!!! **I do not own the rights to this music**


00:00:10 If I Had Magic (Mini Moverz)

00:01:58 Shake The Room (Dance Dynamix II)

00:03:30 Nothing Else Matters (Dance Dynamix III)

00:06:54 Blame It On The Boogie (Flames Team)

00:08:26 Danza Azteca (Yareli)

00:10:41 Lollipop (Dance Dynamix I)

00:11:58 Strut (Ally)

00:13:57 Sleeping Beauty (Dance Dynamix I)

00:15:54 Smooth Criminal (Xtreme Team)

00:18:31 When She Loved Me (Flames Team)

00:20:11 Me Too (Lilly)

00:22:14 Pretty Girls (Yareli)

00:24:38 Rockin' Robin (Dance Dynamix II)

00:26:25 Mermaid Party (AcroDance)

00:28:24 All For Us (Ember)

00:30:54 Flowers (Aliyah)

00:32:53 Man In The Mirror (Dance Dynamix II)

00:35:54 Happy Now (Dance Dynamix III)

00:37:43 SpaceJam (Street Style)

00:40:21 Rain Dance (Xtreme Team)

00:43:03 Material Girl (Dance Dynamix I)

00:45:05 Run The World (Sophie)

00:46:45 Easy (Corey & Ember)

00:49:20 Roly Poly (Mini Moverz)

00:51:13 Turbo Style (Krissy)

00:52:39 Hush Hush (Lyssa)

00:54:33 Rome (Xtreme)

00:56:57 MJ Medley (Ella & Evelyn)

00:59:03 Heartbreaker (Dance Dynamix III)

01:00:41 Five Apples In The Apple Tree (Mini Moverz)

01:02:24 Dracula (Corey @ Lagoon Competition)

01:04:40 Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo (Mini Moverz)

01:06:09 Toxic (Ally & Ember)

01:08:10 Outta The Park (Flames Team)

01:10:07 Mixed With Missy (Xtreme Team)

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